Fold down seats in vehicle manufacturing

We were able to solve numerous requests and orders for seating arrangements to be installed in vehicles with our fold down seats from

The possibilities of application for the seats are variable and often very specific eg. emergency seating for driving instructors or accompanying personnel in cramped conductor cabins. In some cases the use of an empty seat as a means of storage can be very useful.

Often our universal compact models find application in these areas, often in combination with a fitting for a seatbelt. The robust and long-lived synthetic leather “Skai Tundra” is a popular choice as upholstery. If there are strict fire prevention laws to be followed, for example in the rail sector, the highly flame resistant padded seats are a favoured alternative.

See for yourselves and let yourself be convinced of the merits of our vehicle fold down seats which are characterised by:

  • Functionality and comfort
  • Safety and reliability
  • Durability and maintainability
  • Their versatility and appealing design

The use of many ingenious and well-proven recurring components in all our fold down seating solutions ensure flexibility and effectiveness, even in small orders.

Areas of application of fold down seats in vehicle manufacturing:

  • crane cabs
  • construction vehicles
  • rail vehicles (e.g. second-man-seats)
  • agricultural vehicles

Specifications and dimension sheets for download

The following variations of the fold down seats are often used in vehicle manufacturing. Individual additions to modify the basic model for its intended use are especially frequent to make our product perfect for your needs.


Seats „Kompakt“ without back rest

Seats „Kompakt“ with back rest

Custom-built seats

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