Overview of our products

In our store you can find a wide range of high quality and reasonably priced fold down seats.

The following characteristics are shared by all our products:

  • Made from high quality components: Our seating arrangements have proven themselves to be durable even in areas of high usage and are continually being improved and replanished.
  • Safety First: Seats made by KLAPPSITZ.de do not threaten with dangerous shearing- squeezing- or crushing zones. Especially in public areas such as schools this is an important aspect to be considered. The spring mechanism as well as the stop bump for the moveable board are integrated into the constuction so that there is no risk of injury.
  • Space saving setup: Depending on the chosen seats they will add between only 90 mm (about 3,5 inches) and 150 mm (about 5.9 inches)) to the wall. Comfort seats "Dialog" add 180 mm (about 7 inches). Flush built-in fold down seats will vanish completely into the wall. Because of this, narrow spaces, e.g. hallways or escape routes, are not obstructed and remain completely open.
  • Robust construction: All models are designed to be long-lived even under duress and continuous, even excessive use. The mechanics of the seat is free-from-wear, especially our springs are constructed to retain lifelong guarantee.
  • Spare parts and service: In the rare cases of one of our seats defecting in its long life, we are still prepared to always be at your service. For all our available seats we have spare parts at the ready should the need arise. If needed we happily offer to repair or refurbish the seats as well as we not only sell but also make the seats ourselves and can thus guarantee that we can oversee every step of the process.

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