All-metal fold down seats „Palati"

The seats of this fold down series are made entirely from metal, which makes them flame resistant and thus the seats are fit for areas that need to comply to the strictest of laws on fire prevention and safety.

All steel parts are coated with an electrochemical cathodic dip-paint coat and are afterwards powder-coated to make them impervious to corrosion. Additionally, the screws are also made from stainless steel. Because of this, these fold down seats are well suited for use in outdoor areas.

The seating areas are brought into their upright position by the means of springs that will automatically bring the seat back into resting position against the wall when not in use. Per request this function can be intercepted. In this case the seating areas will remain in their folded down usage position until they are returned to the upright resting position by hand – the motion is aided by the inbuilt springs so as to not require too much manual strength.

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