Seats „Kompakt“ with back rest

Fitted with a back rest these fold down seats will keep your wall from staining and offer even more comfortable sitting arrangements.

In case the underlying construction might not be able to fully support the seat and usage thereof, this seat – contrary to the model without back rest – offers a more durable mounting option to the wall, as the transfer of the forces through the back rest is easier on the overall construction as well as on the wall.

Among the many models you will find different measurements in width and depth, as well as additional features such as seat belts, locking bolts to lock the seat, height adjustment, feet for the seats in case the walls are not able to support the construction, casings in various colours or materials, also stainless steel, padded and upholstered or non-padded seats.

If there are any questions about options or if you worry about the availability of options for you and especially the possibility whether your walls are able to support our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Any phone calls or emails asking for more details are absolutely non-binding and we are always looking forward to advise you.


Specifications and dimension sheets for download


Seats „Kompakt“ with low back rest

Seats „Kompakt“ with high back rest

Seats „Kompakt“ with edge-gated screw connection

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