Fold down seats for drywall constructions

This mounting system creates sitting possibilities attached to dry wall partition systems.

Common plasterboard walls with metal-suppors are not fitted to have seating arrangements built into them or onto their frame work. Together with BST Rinklin, an expert for preventive fire protection technology, our company BLECH & TECH developed a mounting system which meets all requirements made by architects, technicians, but especially the eventual users.

A patent has been filed by BLECH & TECH for this mounting system.

Fire safety: In certain exit- and escape areas and routes loosely placed chairs are rightfully prohibited since they pose a dangerous obstacle if not a fire hazard. Seats that are built into the wall are the perfect solution for this problem. Additionally to the flame retardant upholstery, all compartements of the assembly system are made from metal and therefore not flammable. The non-visible installation frame comes with a fire proof casing which fulfils the same requirements as the rest of the wall.

The seat: When folded down the seat offers a, relative to other wall-in-built seats, big seat on which one can rest for a prolongued amount of time thanks to the comfort the larger seating area provides. The depth of the seat also makes it possible to sit parallel to the wall in order to communicate with seating neighbours or to combine seats with a fold-down table.

The support construction: This is constructed from room-height support profiles between which a mounting frame is built. The amount of units that can be installed in combination can be freely varied. The grid measurement is 625 mm (24.6 inch), the depth of the profile can be set at either 75 mm (2.95 inch) (without fire safety casing and noise insulation), or 100 mm (3.94 inch) (with fire safety casing and noise insulation). UW-profiles are fixed to the top and the bottom of the mounting frame in order to be able to attach additional CW stands. The vertical support profiles can be tailored to fit the height of the room and have integrated CW profiles to be easily mounted on the planking.

The installation: The system units – vertical posts, mounting frame and the fold-down seat – are prepared to be ready for installation and can easily be integrated into wall systems with a stand construction corresponding to standard market norms. The wall cut out has to be installed into the room-side of the plasterboard and adjusted to the mounting frame. There are no requirements towards the cut-out edges as they will be covered by the casing of the fold-down seat and thus not visible once everything has been installed. The seat itself will be installed as the very last element, once plaster and paint work is finished.

Design: The fold-down seat is flush-mounted and integrates into the wall when folded up into its resting position. Because of this it can practically vanish and merge with the wall if designed to be rather inconspicuous or it can add colour and style through a more striking design or colour scheme. The seat can also be decorated with a logo or a pictogram. We offer a vast selection of colours for the casings of our seats additionally to a big variety of different upholstery styles. All other system components are out of sight, hidden behind the planking.

If there are any questions about options or if you worry about the availability of options for you and especially the possibility whether your walls are able to support our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Any phone calls or emails asking for more details are absolutely non-binding and we are always looking forward to advise you.


Details of support construction:

Connection to the floor, with a UW-profile


Connection to the ceiling



Connection of mounting frame to the vertical post


To adjust the height at the ceiling



Description of the elements and specifications for download



Components of the mounting system

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