Fold down seats „Kompakt“

The universal wall mounted folding seats ”Kompakt” are available in many variations. Even for walls that are usually unable or not suited to carry the necessary weight you will be able to find suitable solutions.

In standard versions these seats are upholstered, but if requested the cushion can be exchanged for smooth and durable seating surfaces. After use, the movable boards will return into their resting position – upright against the wall. If requested this function can also be left out, so that the seat will remain in the usable position until folded up by hand – in which case the folding motion will also be assisted by the inbuilt springs.

These seats find usage in almost all areas of living, e.g.: at home, cloak/ checkrooms, in public buildings or areas, hospitals, doctors offices and clinics, in narrow hallways that are marked as emergency routes and thus must not be obstructed, elevators and lifts and even in factories.

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