Fold down tables

The universal fold down tables are available in different variations. Different to the fold down seats the fold down tables are not automatically returned to their folded position after use. The table surfaces are easy to use and intuitive to operate.

The folding mechanism works without the use of parts (like plunger pins, ratchet knobs or locking levers) and relies only partly on external bracing or stiffening elements (cross-ties or leg supports to the floor). The entire technical aspects are integrated into the table-top housing, so that there are no pinching or shearing points. Nonetheless the folding tables, like our reliable fold down chairs, are very sturdy.

An integrated spring mechanism balances the weight of the table top almost entirely; in the locked position the table is safely fixated by the means of spring tension. This tension must be manually overcome when unfolding the table.

The same holds true for when the table is in use: here too, spring tension is working to hold the table top rigid and prevents unintentional movements. Once this initial tension when folding the table manually is overcome it will become easier and easier every time until it returns into its folded end position on its own.


Specifications and dimension sheets for download


Fold down tables

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