Flush-mounted seats “Kompakt”

These seats are flush-mounted into the wall, and, if so requested, can be modelled to seamlessly merge with the wall so that they are scarcely visible at first glance. In their folded up resting position, these seats require no additional space at all, which makes them an ideal solution for easily crowded rooms such as elevator cabins.

But these seats have of course other installation opportunities besides elevator cabins. When your walls are built with the frame construction, for example, or if other space saving or optical requirements make it more desirable to opt for the flush built-in wall mounted fold down seat.

Among the many models You will find different measurements in width and depth, wall-casings should the walls be unable to support the construction, adapter frames to reduce installation depth, barely flammable or entirely flame-retardant models as well as casings in various colours or available in stainless steel, padded and upholstered or non-padded seats.

If there are any questions about options or if you worry about the availability of options for you and especially the possibility whether your walls are able to support our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Any phone calls or emails asking for more details are absolutely non-binding and we are always looking forward to advise you.


Specifications and dimension sheets for download


Flush-mounted seats „Kompakt“

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