Fire protection DIN 4102 B1? Furniture is not a building material. Therefore DIN 66084 P-a:


BLECH & TECH has had the upholstery composites of the flame-retardant folding seat models tested by a recognized test center. These are now classified according to DIN 66084 P-a, both in fabric and imitation leather versions.

In public facilities such as hospitals, schools, care facilities or offices, high fire protection requirements apply, especially in areas that serve as escape or rescue routes.

People often think of fire protection in terms of the "B1 flame retardant" requirement. What is meant is the "building material" class B1 according to DIN 4102. Upholstered furniture, however, is not a building product, and it is not possible to obtain a building authority test certificate or building authority approval according to this standard. Of course, there are cover fabrics as well as upholstery materials that are individually tested according to DIN 4102 B1, but it is the upholstery composite that is decisive. Upholstery composites made entirely of B1 materials often do not pass the test required by DIN 66084 P-a. The decisive factor in determining the classification of the upholstery material is the material itself

In Germany, DIN 66084 is decisive for the classification of the burning behavior of upholstery composites. This standard defines three classes and the associated tests: P-c ("cigarette test"), P-b ("match test") and P-a ("paper cushion test"). BLECH & TECH had both the "Genua" fabric upholstery collection and the "Parotega" artificial leather upholstery collection tested. Both meet the requirements for the highest of the three classes, P-a. The fact that these upholstery constructions are perfectly matched in terms of fire protection has thus been confirmed.

In terms of preventive fire and hazard protection, however, the flame-retardant folding seats can offer much more:

  • Apart from the upholstery composite, which is now classified according to DIN 66084 P-a, all other components of each flame-retardant folding seat are made of metallic materials and are thus non-combustible: no wood, no plastic, and thus no other fire loads.
  • The folding seats are generally permanently mounted - either on the wall or on the floor - and are therefore immobile. An unoccupied folding seat nevere impairs the free passage of an escape or rescue route, unlike loose chairs. In practice, unfortunately, it still often looks like this:
Flur in Pflegeeinrichtung
Flur in einem Amt
Flur im Krankenhaus

What do you think happens to these chairs in the event of a fire when a crowd of people flees in panic?

And what happens to the people?

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