New low cost elevator folding seat


Our wall-mounted folding seats made of stainless steel, which are preferably used in lift cars, have been supplemented by an interesting alternative.

kostengünstiger Edelstahl Klappsitz für Wandeinbau

Folding seats in lift cars are very often made of stainless steel. However, this choice of material is associated with higher costs compared with painted carbon steel.

The new hybrid version of model 007-24 combines the economic aspects of painted steel with the design in stainless steel: the wall case represents a large proportion of the entire seat on the one hand, but remains virtually invisible on the other. That is why the new version has a wall case made of matte black coated carbon steel instead of a stainless steel housing. When folded up, only stainless steel can be seen of the seat. But a look inside also reveals the seat to be visually appealing, as the black colour of the seat cushion is reflected in the matte black interior.

The most important aspect, however, is the cost savings. Technically, nothing changes compared to the full-stainless-steel version.

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