Folding seats for drywall systems


Together with the BST Rinklin group, specialists in structural fire protection and drywall construction, BLECH & TECH has developed a system that now makes it easy to integrate folding seats into plasterboard walls. This system can offer as follows:

• Possible from a wall thickness of 100 mm (profiles with 75 mm with double planking on one side).

• Retention of the fire protection and sound insulation properties of the wall possible from a wall thickness of 150 mm (profiles with 100 mm and double planking on both sides).

• Seating possibilities also in escape and rescue routes, the room width remains unrestricted in case of emergency.

• Easy installation: with a system of two vertical supports and a mounting frame, the drywall is prepared for the installation of a folding seat. The folding seat itself can be installed last of all after the painting work.

• Excellent design properties: seats can be integrated into the wall surface completely unobtrusively, but on the other hand they can also be used to set accents.

Trockenbauwand Ständerbauweise

still without planking and without seats

Klappsitz in Trockenbauwand

ready to go



BLECH & TECH applied this system for a patent.  Get informations here:

Applications - Drywall system

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