Fold down seats in TV-show "Da kommst du nie drauf!"


In the Quizshow from September, 5th 2018, "Da kommst du nie drauf!" (You will never hit on it!) Moderator Johannes B. Kerner wants to know from the panelists: "Why is Hendrik Wengert from Taisersdorf sitting on a coloured fold down seat at the roadside?"

You can watch the answer given by Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, Franziska van Almsick und Chris Tall here (from 01:00:54 to 01:06:26).

rideshare opportunity

photo: Dr. Angelika Thiel

Like in many other villages too, also in Taisersdorf there is only very limited attractive local public transportation. These four coloured fold down seats are the solution: drivers of the region know, that people sitting here are looking for a rideshare opportunity to the shown village.

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